Life is a school


Every one has a moment of their life where they feel depressed and overwhelmed by their problems. We’ve been stereotyped by others almost every day in a way that we can’t afford. Discouragement takes over our hard work and bad control of our emotions makes us have all sorts of problems. Problem with our family, friendships didn’t go well, relationship that leave us with a broken heart, worry about our appearance, haunted by their past decisions, and even more throughout our day life. We have to understand that life is a school and a battlefield at the same time. It is a gift from the divine power of God. Life is a school that if you want to be excellent; discipline, hard work and wisdom are required.
It is a battlefield because temptations are one of the obstacle that’s going to slow you down until you lose. The youth symbolizes the power of our nations just like seniority symbolizes wisdom. Our differences keep us going as a society. We need each other just like the flowers that need the sun.


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