When the earth is being jeopardized. One find ourselves fighting for the same cause. Holding each other’s hands as brothers and sisters. Racism does not exist. As we are in this together, we take care of each other. Even if we don’t know the person next to us, we are willing to share, we create an energetic power that gives us the strength to stand up again. What makes this strength? The unity is the answer. What if I ask you what is the base of unity? you would say love. Love is God and whenever we feel weak we acquire our strength from God. Once we got up and ready to go. We tend to forget about those moments when we were brothers to focus on our personal lives. It’s just how it is. Most of us tend to get as much of the advantages that we can ignore the people around us. We quickly forget what unity feels like, how loved we were. Unity is temporary. We can’t preserve it for long. There will be always this moment where some people were showing fake love in a way that when the good result show up they would take the first step to be how they used to like taking advantage from another. There will be broken people that can’t tell anyone about their harsh feelings so later will become acting violently against the world. There will be the one that will remember the Unity and tell the story to their kids. Unfortunately, Unity is temporary.

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