Life is a school


Every one has a moment of their life where they feel depressed and overwhelmed by their problems. We’ve been stereotyped by others almost every day in a way that we can’t afford. Discouragement takes over our hard work and bad control of our emotions makes us have all sorts of problems. Problem with our family, friendships didn’t go well, relationship that leave us with a broken heart, worry about our appearance, haunted by their past decisions, and even more throughout our day life. We have to understand that life is a school and a battlefield at the same time. It is a gift from the divine power of God. Life is a school that if you want to be excellent; discipline, hard work and wisdom are required.
It is a battlefield because temptations are one of the obstacle that’s going to slow you down until you lose. The youth symbolizes the power of our nations just like seniority symbolizes wisdom. Our differences keep us going as a society. We need each other just like the flowers that need the sun.


Help your children


Adolescent don’t know much about relationship or sexual activity, drugs and alcohol. It’s not fair, when they make mistakes like getting pregnant, or drug addiction. You blame them so much that really often some of them kill the baby or some leave the household, some left on their own because of the parent’s shame.

It is the time when you as a parent are friends with your children. Don’t be afraid to talk to them about the danger of drugs, sex, relationship because that’s one of the main cause they go outside without knowing and get pregnant, get addicted. Teach them about abstinence, teach them what it’s like relationship in the outside world. Prevent them from doing regrettable mistake. Sometimes you may trust your child and let them do what they want, but even at 11 years old your child can be sexually active or drug themselves. They won’t ever tell you what they did if you’re being just a parent with them.

A parent need to be their child’s best friend. Your child is not only sexually active at a young age, they may be alcoholic or smokers. They think nothing bad can happen to them. They’re vulnerable and it is your job as a parent to teach them about life. They get a lot of pression in the outside world, they get influenced by their environment easily.  They need help to keep up their worth. When your child is 16 or 18 that doesn’t mean you have to give them full freedom. If you failed to teach them what they need to know the next generation will be worse.

Better future



Don’t spend your time in the pleasure. Don’t play with others feelings. Avoid giving up your body to sex, drugs and alcohol. So when you want to engage in a critical step in your life, the past don’t destroy your chance of success.

In a certain stage of one’s life. It happen people to be selfish and don’t care about other’s feeling. To act as you please is not the best way to get your satisfaction.

Our adolescence stage of life is full of promises, it’s also the time when ones make a lot of mistakes. In order to fit in, some teens get into sex activity, even at an early age (11 years old). Some get addicted to it, some did it because of friends’ influences, some did it to get respect in the group of people they want to fit in. Some teens take pleasure in doing sex without knowing the consequences. A boy is more likely to date a girl for his sexual satisfactions to leave her later, a girl is likely to showing off part of their grown body to attract boys. The problem is on both sides. Drug in alcohol enters an adolescence life through his neighbor, his alcoholic parents, and friends. Drinking alcohol can impact your decision making badly, your behavior, and it can get you and other people in trouble. When you act as you please, you make impulsive decisions. Ones should know people that are sexually active are at risk of getting diseases and increases the pregnancy rate.

When ones make pleasure our first priority. It will be really hard to get where you want to be. People won’t take you seriously, even if you’ve changed. That’s why it is way better to prepare your future while you’re a teen. Discipline and knowledge are required.

Act Wisely

Act wisely

As you won’t like anyone take advantage of your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, or your child. Don’t take advantage of someone else child, sister, brother or parents. It’s a guarantee that anything wrong or good you do will chase you.

Do for someone what you’d like them to do for you. It doesn’t matter how hard it is to forgive. Doesn’t matter the ethnicity of that person to share your goods with. A good act is made by our heart, not by our head. Don’t expect anything from them. Respect, Love, Blessing will come to you and you won’t even notice what’s happening.

When you act with immature, by being selfish, let anger gain your heart, saying that you don’t care about what others going through, and do what you want. Of course, you’ll be pleased with what you’re doing; that you don’t have to share, or making revenge because people hurt you. Well, the time will come into your life, when you’ll need help, you won’t get it, when you did something to a relative and don’t receive their forgiveness, being hungry besides your friends eating and won’t offer you.

In fact, you have nothing to lose when you show empathy. You’ll be blessed in so many ways. What you do, even if it’s bad or good will chase you.

First blog post

The Youth is the future. This generation has a lot to offer. As a teenager, or young adult, you’ll learn how to settled your life like you really want it to be not what others want you to be. The parents will have the opportunity to know the struggle of their children in life. Discipline is what make us strong and respected men and women. We must take action now, to prevent the future of the children from being deteriorated.

Neighborhoods, Family and Religion have a huge influence on the youth’s life. I have a ton of ideas guaranteed to make you get through what you’re struggling in life. And there’s never a better time than now to make a change! You know the truth can’t be hidden, right? How about changing your mindset? Uses a sad and painful past to help another person?  I have ideas about what to do—and how to do it